Fresh Tortilla’s at Chicos

Corozal Town, Belize

How about some fresh tortilla’s? I stumbled across this tiny little shop out on 17741_4065040985508_1334283509_nmy morning walk in Corozal, Belize. I was peeking inside from the street and was waved in to look around by a curious man working inside. He showed me around and I could not spell his name to save my life. My first feeling was how so hot it was inside though with the doors wide open. Probably about 20 degrees above the outdoor temperature of 80 degrees. Local Belizeans were working away glancing at me with smiles wondering who this gringo was? It was just525939_4065488316691_50946705_n before Christmas and it was busy. Machines were old and noisy but the tortilla’s were warm and fresh as I was given a few to sample. Tortilla’s are staple here like bread for Canadians and they were being  pumped out by the 1000’s. Was quite an operation and enjoyed my little unexpected tour. So if you’re in town, 17741_4065040945507_1403459332_ndrop in and tell them Tommy Traveler sent you. Like they’ll remember!


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