Take A Puddle Jumper

Corozal, Belize

It’s January 12th and I’m leaving Corozal after 3 weeks in town. What a great little place mapbut time to leave and explore more!  Plan was to catch the 7 am water taxi to San Pedro on Ambergris Caye but my new friends decided to have a late night party. So, yes I slept in and never saw 7 am. No one really worries about the clock when you’re on Central American time until you have to catch a boat? So instead of a 2 hr boat ride I jumped on a 30 minute Puddle jumper flight at Noon. I say spend thewatertaxi extra ($50 US) and take a low level flight over the Caribbean at least once in your travels! The views, colors and roller coaster ride fun you’ll never forget. There’s flights all over the country, a little faster than the chicken buses or water taxis but you have to experiences it all and enjoy. Lot’s of fun and when you land in San Pedro head to Estelle’s Dine By the Sea like I did. My first question getting off plane was I need food and a beach? I was guided here by many. Estelle’s delivers! Enjoy.

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