Spear Fishing For Lobster!

Placencia, Belize

Growing up in small town Nova Scotia we “Bluenosers” know the succulence of these ocean bottom dsc01076dwellers! So when a day of spearing fishing these sweet crustaceans amongst the coral reefsdsc01078 of the Caribbean presented itself I was ready! We planned a day with Caye Quest Private Tours of Placencia. The day long trip included everything except booze but we were encouraged to bring our own. Bright and early the next day we made our way to dsc01079the town dock with our Belkin in tow to catch our ride. It’s going to be another hot, gorgeous day on the sea! Plan was to head east about 7dsc01086 miles towards the reefs off Frigate Caye to snorkel and spear some lunch. Then spend the dsc01089afternoon on the private island of Frigate Caye to bbq our catch and relax. Sounds like a plan to me. Our first stop Mark of Caye Quest showed us how to use thedsc01096 lobster spear hook, where the little buggers would be hiding, what fish we might encounter around the reef and finally the safety of protecting the coral reef! Even dsc01099though we were quite far offshore I was surprised at how shallow the water was this far out. Varying 6 to 8 ft in spots with places you could even stand up. The trick was getting to the bottom ofdsc01108 the coral reef and spotting those lobster antennas sticking out of the holes in the coral. Sliding the hook under the belly and dragging them out into the basket all without swallowing sea water down your snorkel mouth piece or disturbing the coral. Definitely a skill that takes time to master but I did eventually get my first lobster. These guys are nothing like the cold water lobster of the north, they have no claws and only the tail is eaten and just as yummy I find out later. The lobster season only closes here in Belize during the mating and spawning seasondsc01121 between Feb 15th to Jun 15th. Outside of that you can find any type of recipe on a menu that incorporates lobster, it’s heaven and quite cheaper too. After a bit we loaded back into the boat for some fresh fruit, a cold beer and head off to another spot to try our luck. There was lots to see besides lobster. Varying types of reef fish, a couple nurse sharks and some large barracuda that freaked me out. When the bucket was getting full and lunch was past due we headed for Frigate Caye for lunch. A beautiful tiny island with outdoor bbq, gazebo and a Fred Flintstone bench press if you feel like working out. While we cooked lunch and enjoyed the peace and serenity , ok the homemade Iphone stereo was cranked I was thinking how lucky I am. What a spot! Lunch was simple fresh bbq’d lobster tails, beans and coconut bread which Mark’s mother makes. We savoured our bounty, cleaned up all we brought not to leave a trace and loaded up for the trip back stoping for some final dips before we landed in Placencia. Such a great day with Caye Quest Tours and another reason I love this tiny place of Placencia. It is truly a beautiful spot on earth!

Caye Quest Tours

Call: 501-633-6330

Email: cayequest@gmail.com

FB Message:@CayequestTours

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