The Split – Party Central

Caye Caulker, Belize

dsc00873If you’re on this tiny Belize Caye and looking for a good spot to hang out on a Saturday afternoon?  I suggest The Split and you won’t bedsc00877 alone. Pretty much everyone on the island will likely be there sometime that afternoon. It is the spot and I’m staying at a cute B&B not 2 mins away. Caye dsc00879Caulker used to be one tiny island until a hurricane washed over the land and divided it two and The Split was created. A cool little beachdsc00880 spot where the beer are cold, the water is warm, the music is loud and the place is a booming. The Lazy Lizard serves up a wide variety of cold drinks and it’s a bathing suit only kind of vibe here at the Split. The water is crystal clear blue and the current is strong. Swimming, snorkeling and tubing are ways to pass the day. Or just watch the characters come and go. The crowd is friendly, everyone has a story to share and you never know what will come along pretending to be a boat. The frigate birds soar by trying to snatch a treat and the local dogs are waiting for something good to drop. It’s a beautiful day and the Caribbean breeze is refreshing, this is the life! So drop by The Split and have a beer or two. The scenery is spectacular!


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