DTouz With Doyle E

Placencia, Belize

 I did a lot in my 2 weeks in Placencia but running into Doyle E Gardiner was a treat. I think 15800366_10157949296725361_4566557724113943699_oJim and I had a few too many beers and rums with him at the Barefoot Beach Bar! His official office. Doyle is a great guy, a skilled guide and loves sharing his love and16299699_10155284751490101_6395034278867669179_o knowledge of his country and can tip a few back I’ve learned. He owns and runs DTouz in Placencia so we booked a guided tour with him into Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Just 4 of us. Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary is a nature reserve in the Stann Creek District of south-central Belize. The jungle! Scary to a Canadian gringo but his backyard playground. He mentioned we might see a Jaguar but not really. If we see one, we are in trouble dsc01004as we’re being stalked and they are night prowlers! So, daytime not so much. the morning of my buddy Jim was banging on my door, we had a late night, AGAIN. That seems to happen a lot in Belize! So I kind of slept in and was very hungover. I missed my wake-up call somehow.  Persistent banging he finally dragged my ass out of bed and loaded me into the van. What a mess and I was not feeling like adsc01012 hike in the jungle today and I think I slept the whole way to the reserve but I did sucked it up and was so glad I did. I learned a lot this day. I learned leaves this soft were used as toilet paper once, that only one pineapple grows on one plant, dsc01017that Doyle is very strong catching me on a rock waterslide before I plunge 40 ft to my death, that watch where you put your hand as a big bad ass python might be sleeping there, palms and trees grow like crazy, that floating down a river on a tube while someone is smoking a dubie is very surreal, that I’m still scared of 5 ft long neon green snakes and being outside in nature is the best cure for a hangover ever. It was a great day and we topped it off with a few bevies back in Placencia. While in Belize go see Doyle in Placencia. He has many different guided excursions and you’ll feel his passion for sharing Belize with you! He’ll treat you like a friend. Tell him Tommy Traveler sent you! He’ll look after you I’m sure.

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