Not Charlie’s Chocolate Factory

Punta Gorda, Belize

Finding myself in this sleepy town of Punta Gorda or as everyone calls it PG. The southern most tip of Belize where screenshot_20170202-101246usually you only come to catch a boat across Amatique Bay to
img-20160213-100700-largejpgGuatemala. This is the less traveled part of 1039_4501868425921_2033746815_nBelize! Roads in to Guatemala this far south don’t exist yet. So it’s time to wander aroundsdc10410 and delve into this small town as I’m spending the night here in the Toledo District. cotton-tree-chocolateOn my exploration around town, I came across this tiny chocolate factory which I must see being a former Oompa Loompa and working nearly 23 yrs for a major chocolate manufacturer in Canada. Can you say “Mars Bars” and yes I have a Chocolate Technology degree in my resume’ so I know the process very well. The Cotton Tree Chocolate Factory produces hand-made treats from locally grown and harvested cocoa beans to the finished product. The production scale is small but the principles are the same utilizing hair dryers, toaster ovens, hand drills and a tiny conche in their production. Interestingly efficient and in the end, you still have a chocolate lovers dream. Smooth yummy chocolate! It was fun hanging out and watching them work. They appreciate visitors and be sure to purchase some finished product. Remember it won’t last long as it’s 90 degrees here today and things melt fast.



Cotton Tree Chocolate Company Ltd.
Toledo District, Belize


Jeff Pzena



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