Jungle Surprise

Did I know when we started hiking into the Guatemalan jungle, I would come across this Mother’s refreshment table and her 3 kids, no. It’s deep in the jungle, about an hour or so from the road where we started, about half way up a mountain. These kids were so cute and wondered if they sit here all day every day with nothing to do with big smiles on their faces. It’s hot, close to 100 degrees, the humidity is thick and the air is full with bugs. Then I notice them, those shoes, shiny black shoes he was wearing as his brother and sister were in bare feet. I could tell he was proud of them with my attempt at some Spanish conversation. He was definitely proud of them. I gave them some quetzal coins in my pocket, purchased some water from Momma and we were on our way. A great moment for the memory bank.  You never know what you may capture so shoot away. More is always better!



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