Christ of the Mercy Hike

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

Well it’s a beautiful morning and I think I’ll finally tackle the hike up to Christ of the Mercy statue perched high on the cliffs overlooking the bay of San Juan and the beach. It’s one of the first things you notice when you arrive here in town. The colossal statue of Jesus stands at 24 meters tall and is one of the tallest statues of Jesus in the world and sits up 134 meters on the cliffs. Erected in 2009 you can take a guided tour up or drive the narrow roads but what fun would that be? After a hearty breakfast early in the morning I

set out before the heat of the day sets in. Of course, I’m staying across the bay and probably the furthest away I can be as I head out with my trusty backpack and lots of water. I have been told it’s a 3 or 4 km hike to the top on paths and road ways. I follow the beach around and cut through I think is a path into a local neighborhood. It’s mid morning and it’s hot already. Over 90 degrees. I’m sweating a storm already and haven’t even started up hill. Wandering through quaint homes I suspect are expat retirement homes and noticing the incline is increasing at a good rate. I stumble on a guarded gate and

questioned where I was heading and unceremoniously let by. I see why as the houses are getting much bigger and fancier the higher I go up with expansive view. The roads are steep and I’m sucking wind big time. It’s straight up hill now to the top and the last few steps into the site are the killer. There’s a small fee to get in ($2 US) and goes to maintaining the chapel and area. High above San Juan del Sur the view is spectacular over

the town and as far out to the Pacific as you can see. Various boats come and go and the breeze is refreshing. Definitely resting here for a while before heading back. I am alone on top and very  peaceful staring over the view. Going down will be a bit quicker and I’m heading to my favorite beach bar for some Fish Stew for lunch and hang on the beach all afternoon. Total trip was about 4 hrs and I wasn’t in a rush but a workout for sure! If you plan a trip up bring lots of water. Nicaragua is hot! Even before Noon.


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