Tulum…An Unexpected Surprise!

Tulum, Mexico

I suddenly find myself in Tulum 7 mths after starting out on my journey from Cancun 425345_4913281150982_1017479427_nthrough Central America and now making my way back to fly home for my niece’s wedding in Nova Scotia. 7 Countries, 37 cities and towns, 44 different beds slept in and not one bed977949_4930009009168_2008094220_o bug to be found, thank you! Arriving in Chetumal after a 90 min boat ride from San Pedro, Belize with San Pedro Water Taxi  the Mexican Army was  waiting with contraband sniffing dogs. I’m good but my backpack has been out of sight for 2 hrs! Should I worry, oh well? Not a Peso in my pocket I approached the ATM without a worry in the world, then I see the screen “can not process your request” What? Again I try and after many attempts I’m starting to realize I’m stranded in ado-busMexico with no money and I am 6500 kms from my destination. Dam. Yes, I have a credit card and it expired in May and this is June and my new card is sitting in Canada. I didn’t plan to be away this long. Desperately searching my bags I found 500 peso’s I never used1 7 mths ago. Serenity now serenity now. Approaching the counter gal behind the glass I laid down my last bit of money asking “how far would this get me”? Thinking it’s a bit closer to home. This will take you to Tulum Señor. I’ll take a ticket dsc00914please and soon was on the bus for the 3 hr trip to Tulum all a long wondering where the hell am I going to sleep tonight? Getting off bus at 7 pm in the dark, it’s sinking in. I’m stranded for real. I tried a few more ATM’s, hotels and hostels and place wanted cash or creditdsc00947 card up front which neither I had. Thinking I should be looking for a safe park bench, a beacon of light came down on me. The Weary Traveler Hostel  front desk said I could stay as long as I wanted, eat, drink, sleep and relax. Just put your passport in the safe and we’ll work out your money dsc00955thing later. Wow I checked in for some cold beers, bbq’d burgers and a clean bed to sleep in without a penny in my pocket. Heaven for a suddenly homeless guy. Tulum is Cancun’s or Playa del Carmen’s little brother. Smaller, slower, cheaper but full of sun, sand and fun. It is Mexico. The food, the people and the atmosphere make it. Just a small town tucked just off a beautiful beach. Where the oceandsc00944 and sky become one at times and warm..ok hot! It’s so big it feels near empty! Perfect for a Nomad if you’re not looking to be crowded. I prefer empty serenity to crowded mayhem any day as long as the beer are cold. After a fun couple days  I was thinking how I can pay for my stay and book dsc00957a flight home to Canada? I need to leave and I’m kinda of broke here! So I called the little number on the back of my debit card  soon I was talking with a Bank Of Nova Scotia representative in Toronto and explaining my situation. Apparently my chip malfunctioned and that is the problem! How can we help you? I need money. Send me a new card? We can’t do that sir. Suggestions? We can Western Union money to you out of977974_4976951062690_405106855_o your bank account? No shit. Do it and they never charged me service fees! I made way to the only local Western Union, pick up $800 US from the tiny office, booked my ticket home, paid my bill at The Weary Traveler, got my passport out of the safe, got a tattoo at Sagrado Corazon Tattoo studio! All in 3 days.  Tulum is special in my heart dsc00909besides the people and beach. I plan a return trip. Maybe in this camper? I never really fretted, I was raised to take what life gives you and cope but lessons learned I did? Never leave home with a credit card expiring in 6 mths. You never know. Take 2 banking cards in case a chip malfunctions. Always have a bit of cash with you. It will be a great memory. And I love Tulum!


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