Day Trip To Exuma Cayes

Exuma Cay, Nassau Bahamas

About 40 miles south east of Nassau lies the Exuma Cayes. Made up of over 360 islands and cayes that run for approximately 120 miles from north to south. Mostly exuma16uninhabited and we are off on a day trip to the private Island 0f Saddleback Caye with Island World Adventures.exuma1 The Exumas’ crystal clear waters are the envy of the Caribbean. Approximately one third of the Cays exuma5are National Parkland and Saddleback Caye lies right on the edge of its boundaries. Our adventure starts at 9am at the Paradise Island Ferry Terminal where twin, 45′ custom built,exuma17 high speed power boats await us. I have my daughter and her BF in tow. Bahamas is our Xmas present. Each boat has twin 420 HP turbo-charged diesels that clip along at 45 mph and will take us about exuma475 minutes to get to our destination. The price for the day of $200 US includes Caye hopping with a stop at a tiny sandbar, a visit to Leaf Caye where the only inhabitants of this Island are hundreds and hundredsexuma2 of Iguana’s, some snorkeling, lots of sun soaking, a BBQ lunch and of course an open bar. A full day and the Captain is passing out beers at 9 am. Awe the life! Soon we are cranked up to 45 mph zipping along in exuma3the bask of the warm Caribbean sun. First stop is this strange sandbar stuck way off shore in the middle of no where, the water is warm, crystal clear, very shallow and the nearest land is miles away. It’s gorgeous and couples are taking “From Here To Eternity” photo ops laying on the sandbar. After about an hour of lounging andexuma6 sipping drinks in paradise, yes it’s “still morning”  we load up for Leaf Caye and the hungry Iguana’s. They love the grapes we are given and told not to hand feed them or you may lose a exuma8finger. Toss them or put the grapes on the end of a stick. Apparently there is a pig Caye somewhere here too in the Exumas too. Soon the 56 of us load up, 28 on each boat, passed a beer and head off for Saddleback. We arrive and are greeted by theexuma11 local dog barking away but a friendly fella. It’s just before noon so it took a little less then 3 hrs to get here with the stops. Only a few people live here on the Island full time and it’s beautiful. Saddleback Cay is about 12 acres in exuma12size, half a mile by an eighth of a mile. It has seven beaches of which Half Moon Bay is the best. We are going to spend about 3 hrs here exploring, soaking up the sun and having a BBQ and yes the booze is flowing. Rum punch and beers a plenty. Lunchexuma14 is good, BBQ chicken and lots of sides. Buffet style and we are asked to save the bones to feed to the lemon sharks later. The 5 footers swimming around the dock when we pulled in! Full of booze and food the day is coming to a close and exuma15 we packed up leaving no footprint and start the journey back stopping for an hour to snorkel around a bay full of coral and tropical fish. It’s close to 5 pm when we see the Atlantis Resort growing bigger by the minute. It’s been a full day of sun, fun, food and beverage! Worth every penny and I’m tuckered out and need a nap.




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