The Rustic Crust

Halifax, Canada

Let’s talk Pizza since I do have a passion for that too! Right up there with burgers. Blame it14853233_323204898059677_7141928316428409833_o on growing up in a place that worships the pizza pie like Pictou County pizza lovers do. It only comes second to my thing for burgers. Funny 14956500_323204794726354_428543271847974805_nhow all the indulgent delicious things in life go right to your waistline. Joining in on the food truck craze I tempted myself (like that was hard) to try out this mobile wood fired pizza oven. The Rustic Crust . Traveling around the Halifax area serving 15196002_335965273450306_2907032165115052292_oup authentic Italian pizza from a wood fired brick oven in the back of a truck. I had the basic Italian Margherita when they were parked at DeWolf Park on the Bedford waterfront. Simply great. Fresh dough, San Mazarno tomato 13654289_260888040958030_1135482063345259990_nsauce, ingredients and topped with fresh Buffalo Mozzarella. Their menu is simple and varies depending on availability. Check their websites14890562_323204878059679_2988507741601916028_o for up to date information but know “Pizza is serious business to Tom and Mike” and purist say there should never be more then 3 ingredients on a pizza. So if you are in the HRM I highly recommend dropping by for a slice or two. Check out their website or follow them on Facebook for up to date locations and menu for a slice of good pie.


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