Hey It’s Christmas…Splurge

Poutine Splurge

Ontario, Canada

I’m in the midst of the last-minute shopping bustle before Xmas and I’m feeling like something naughty over nice for lunch today..it is the holiday feasting season 20161223_161841Right? Here in the trendy Queen St West area of Toronto there is much to tempt the palate but Poutini’s is calling my name. A Canadian original “POUTINE” Here at Poutini’s House Of Poutine, a funky little dive accepting cash onlypountini and all the selections are tempting! Two sizes are all you get Regular or Teeny Weeny Tiny.  The fries are freshly hand cut, cheese curds are locally sourced and plenty of toppings is their offerings. Think I’ll go for the Fully Loaded. Topped with real bacon, cheese curds, smothered with lots yummy gravy, chives and sour 20161223_131037cream. Think loaded baked potato. Low fat, low carb, low calorie…RIGHT…Hey it’s Christmas. Relaxed in the front window gazing at the pace


of the city savoring my pile of heaven. It’s a 2 thumbs up! So if you’re looking for a quick and satisfying treat drop in and say Tommy Traveler sent you. Your taste buds will definitely  thank you!


Poutini’s House Of Poutine

1112 Queen St West

M6J 1H9

Toronto, Ontario





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