The Joys of Nova Scotia Winters

Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada


Welcome to a NS winter where it has been known to start snowing in mid November and spring might break in April. The annual snowfall totals can range between 200-300 cm a season with usually 1 huge storm dumping a third of that in a day. I have a good laugh thinking back years ago when I moved to an area in Ontario known as the Ontario Snow Belt! Well if they want to call that the Snow Belt, Nova Scotia gets the title of the land of Snowmagedeon! The main factors influencing Nova Scotia’s climate are easy, the

effects of the westerly winds, the interaction between three main air masses which converge on this spot (think the movie The Perfect Storm), Nova Scotia’s location on the routes of the major eastward moving storms. The big ones being “Nor’easters” arriving from the Northeastern United States and the modifying influence of the sea but the big reason is because Nova Scotia juts out into the Atlantic surrounded by 4 bodies of water and is prone to intense cold-season storms. There was even a winter hurricane back in 2004 called “White Juan” which was nickname after the Category 2 hurricane “Juan

that just 5 months earlier struck NS with devastation and to date is the most destructive hurricane to ever hit Nova Scotia. “White Juan” dropped a record 100 plus cm in 12 hrs on the east coast at a rate of 5 cm an hour and in March 2015 there were 2 storms in a 3 day period that dumped more snow on Nova Scotia then “White Juan”. Needless to say we Bluenosers know the winter way of life and how to cope! The viral YouTube sensation Frankie MacDonald from Sydney, NS rose to fame predicting storms with his unique delivery of weather forecasts and his catchphrase, “be prepared”. It has garnered him the Silver Play Button from YouTube for achieving over 100,000 subscribers and to date, has 123,921 subscribers and his videos have received 24,099,668 views. We Maritimers are used to school being cancelled, plans ruined, flights delayed or cancelled, businesses shutting down, digging out for days and having famous storm chips at the ready. Yes we have Storm chips! As kids we loved storms as it was a day off school and a chance to make some money shovelling driveways. It’s our way of life and we make the best of it being kitchen

parties with storm fridges for the beer or having a campfire in the backyard in 4 ft of snow. Storms don’t slow us down but we do love to complain about them. It’s a Nova Scotia thing! And we wouldn’t have it any other way.



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