Bang Bang For Ice Cream

Ontario, Canada

It’s a late Friday night in Queen West, Toronto and the city is still mourning the overtime loss of their beloved Leafs. But spring is in the air and that calls for some good ice cream to soothe the sting. Ice cream does cure most things, right? Welcome to Bang Bang Ice Cream on Ossington Ave.


Where small trendy shops and restaurants are a plenty. As you walk up and the line is out the front door, the smell of fresh-baked cookies and cones smacks you in the face pulling you in. You’re not going anywhere else. Get in line! Everything is scratch made on site and the flavors of ice cream, cookies and cones are off the charts with old favorites and things you couldn’t possibly dream about. The packed atmosphere is one of frenzy and excitement, as it’s Friday night and I think a few cocktails and beers have been had but we all want ice cream! Now!!!


The servings are huge, so big that I myself could only eat half of my ice cream sandwich. No I doubt it went to waste. I chose Chocolate PB ice cream on oatmeal chocolate cookies and it was decadent. If you don’t want one made on the spot, grab a pre-made frozen treat or a tub of rich, creamy ice cream to splurge on at home for those times you just want the tub and spoon on the couch. If you’re ever in Queen West, Toronto and needing an ice cream cookie fix – I highly recommend Bang Bang for a visit as the choices are endless! You’ll love it as cookies and ice cream feed that inner craving that touches our every sense.

Ice Cream Flavors

avocado burnt toffee bellwoods stout beer n’ brown bread black tea banana puddin’ sanagans double smoked bourbon bacon cinnamon toast b’day cookie doh corn on the cone chocolate2 chocolate-hazelnut candy apple cheesecake chestnut-matcha maltease me dulce de leche fresh mint frooty loops ginger milk chocolate ginger milk hazelnut olive oil thank you very matcha key lime pie pink lemonade London fog lemon meringue mud mango puddin’ miso mon cheri lychee raspberry orange cardamom fig and chevre (grey owl) passion fruit milk chocolate pb-chocolate pb-concord grape jelly pumpkin spice gingerbread rocky roadkill campfire marshmallow Ontario strawberry sjcb espresso vanilla bean bellyache coffee and sambuca Italian eggnog vegan chocolate raspberry salted caramel vanilla mojito



93A Ossington Ave
Toronto, Canada


Mon – Closed

Tue to Thu – 1 pm to 10 pm

Fri & Sat – 1 pm to 11 pm

Sun – 1 pm to 10 pm



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