Trippin’ Momma

Mérida, Mexico



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There is no doubt about it. Mexico is a dangerous place and you need to be aware. If you are not ready to face these dangers of Mexico, then you have no business visiting Mexico. Here are 5 dangers of Mexico you didn’t know.


1. Addiction

Okay. Let me be clear. This is the biggest danger of Mexico known to mankind which is why I am listing it first. Addiction to Tacos. They are so unbelievably delicious that you will not be able to stop eating them. Not-at-all. You will have one in your mouth and find your hand reaching for another before you have even finished swallowing. I have witnessed this first hand. People might find you in corners shoving tacos in your mouth. It is not pretty. There is nothing you can do about it. So if you are not ready to have an absolute addiction to tacos, stay the fuck away. Seriously!


2. Uncontrollable Crying

Mexico has so many dangers. After living here two different times, I am going rank the uncontrollable crying you will experience due to Mexico’s beauty as the number 2 danger of Mexico you didn’t know. I am sitting here now crying my ass off as I stare out the window at the beautiful mountains in front of me. It is not fair. All this beauty should not belong to one country. This place is so beautiful you’ll find yourself crying in pure awe of the beautiful cathedrals, cobblestone streets, colorful buildings and houses, mountains and beaches. Get those tissues ready because you are going to be a blubbering mess of snot and tears. There is no way around it. Stay away


3. Dangerous Neighbors

Be prepared to always watch your back if you ever plan on visiting Mexico. Seriously. The locals have a tendency to be super welcoming despite us wanting to build a big ass wall. This is creepy as fuck. Why are these people so nice? What is the catch? If you need help, they will do everything possible to help you. I don’t get it. They will watch over your home and kids. Who does that? Be aware!


4. Infections

Mexicans are infectious people. They are so damn happy. Watch out! Happiness might spread to you all over if you hang out with them too long. I am not kidding. They are always down for a good party. Fireworks go off in celebration all throughout the day for no other reason but celebrating the joy of life. Beware!


5. Comatose

Something about Mexico brings total relaxation. You want to be productive because your own society taught you that being overworked and overtired is a sure sign of success but Mexico has this way of making you slow the fuck down. Siestas (naps) in the middle of the day are the norm. Siestas for Mexicans are like tea for the British. It is written in the law. Mexico time is a real thing. They will tell you furniture will be delivered on Lunes (Monday) but it will actually come 3 to 5 days later. So if you are looking for stress and busyness, stay home. In Mexico, you might catch a severe case of relaxation and who the hell wants that? It is too risky to come here. Trust me.