Closing Down The Bar

Being the last one leaving Nelly’s Bar after a day of 3 ball, I said smile Nelly and caught this keeper. The perfect capture of her never ending battle of keeping Lil Willy out of trouble. As it turns out this would be the first printed canvas by Tommy Traveler Photography and was gifted toContinue reading “Closing Down The Bar”

Jungle Surprise

Did I know when we started hiking into the Guatemalan jungle, I would come across this Mother’s refreshment table and her 3 kids, no. It’s deep in the jungle, about an hour or so from the road where we started, about half way up a mountain. These kids were so cute and wondered if theyContinue reading “Jungle Surprise”

Over The Bay

I remember snapping this photo as I sat on the rocks overlooking Corozal Bay in Belize, December 2012. Five days into which turned out to be a 7 month backpacking adventure of Central America that I will never forget. Enjoying the incredible view but wondering what does the future hold for me?  Little did IContinue reading “Over The Bay”

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