Chicago, USA

Guest bloggers Donna & Diana from Chicago have a great little blog that combines food & poetry mixed with vlogging. Check them out for a good read and some yummy insights into the Chicago food scene! Here’s one of their recent posts..Burgers! Yum


Kuma’s Corner 
1570 E Golf Rd, Schaumburg, IL 60173

What started off as a corner bar in 2005,
has grown into a chain of locations with the best burger you’ll eat alive
With burgers that are massive and unique,
they’ll leave you unable to speak,
you might even let out a shriek!

Plates with names like, Metallica and Led Zeppelin,
and top quality ingredients, it’s almost a deadly sin
The Famous Kuma is notorious, with its fresh fried egg and apple smoked bacon,
and the Neurosis, with its cheddar and swiss combo, should not be forsaken
An ingredient in the Slayer is ANGER,
but the fries, chili, and Monterey Jack inside are the real savory danger

The meat is fresh, from the beef to the chicken,
and the black bean burger is also killer, if you’re looking for something vegetarian
With a soft and warm pretzel bun,
you’ll be sure to eat every bite until you’re done
And with the gigantic size of the burger, it’s sure to get a little messy,
but the licking of the fingers and heavy metal music in the air, I’ll admit it’s sort of sexy

Along with the tempting burgers are the insane appetizer plates,
like the Mac and Cheese that you yourself get to decorate,
with options like bacon, scallions, and mushrooms,
it’s brought out with a portion that to your fullest you will consume
Then there’s the crowd-pleasing jalapeño poppers,
deep-fried cream cheese and chorizo stuffed peppers,
when dipped in the raspberry jalapeño jam, they’re a real show stopper

Kuma’s Corner has been crushing the burger game in all Chicagoland,
and more than that, it’s found a way to support charities and also Chicago heavy metal bands,
So if you’re looking to bang your head to some death metal while you eat,
run over to any of the Kuma’s throughout the city and have a rockin’ seat!screen-shot-2016-12-27-at-9-25-47-pm

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